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Brisk X-Line Spark Plug

RM 48.50 MYR
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Available In 2 Model:

AOR12-X8 = CR7E , CR7EIX , CPR7EA-9 , CR8E , CR8EIX , CPR8EA-9 , MR8E-9 , MR8K-9 , Mr8CI-9 , CR7EH-9 , CR8EH-9 

AOR10-X9 = CR9E , CR9EIX , CPR9EA-9  MR9E-9 , MR9K-9 , MR9CI-9 

AOR12-X8 Fitment For 👇
135LC , Y15ZR , FZ150I , R15V3 , NVX155 , Nmax155 , PCX150 , VF3I , Ninja250 , Z250

AOR10-X9 Fitment For 👇
R25 , RS150

Spark plugs play the most important role in a petrol internal combustion engine. Suffice to say that the engine will produce no power if there is no spark plug. However, if the spark plug provides insufficient spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture, the engine will lose power and torque, besides resulting in higher fuel consumption.

The Brisk X-Line Racing AOR12-X8 replaces the NGK CR8E, CR8EA, CR8EAIX, CPR8EA-9, MR8E-9, MR8K-9.

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