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Rock Oil GRO Gearbox Racing Oil

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(Gearbox Racing Oil)

GRO is a synthetic, advanced formulation, motorcycle gearbox oil covering the 10W-40 or
75W-90 viscosity range.

Designed to reduce friction and protect over a wide temperature range, GRO can operate from as low as -30C through to the heat of racing whilst affording maximum anti wear protection.

  • The following features make GRO an ideal choice for modern compact high power, high load multi speed gearbox applications.

    • Low viscosity
    • Excellent thermal stability
    • Superior resistance to oxidation

Typical Physical Characteristics

Viscosity GradeSAE 10W-40, SAE 75W-90
Density @15C0.873
Viscosity @ 40C96.5 cSt
Viscosity @ 100C14.0 cSt
Viscosity Index148
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